Backflow Prevention Certification Course

This program will instruct students in backflow mechanics and how cross connections can be addressed and/ or eliminated. State regulations will be presented and explained. DHEC will teach testing procedures for the PVB, DCVA, and RP devices. Students will test, troubleshoot, and repair these devices as part of the workshop.

Backflow Recertification Class

Don't wait for your certification to expire. Take the required recertification course with strong emphasis on the RP and the PVB. We also will cover the DCVA. There is a wet lab performance evaluation as well as a written test. We also test your gauge for accuracy as required by SC DHEC. The recertification class is approximately 3 - 4 hours. We are an official training center for SC DHEC and offer CEU's for the recertification class.

Backflow Repair Class

This program specializes in troubleshooting and repairing different backflow preventers that can helpful to a tester in the field. This class will give testers confidence in working with larger diameter backflow assemblies, and increase field training productivity.

Backflow Resources