What if I currently own a test kit? Do I need to bring it?

If you currently own a test kit then you are almost there.  No, you are not required to bring it to the class, but you can.  The only requirement is that you show proof is within its accuracy (Calibration Certificate) and that a gauge is linked to you as a tester.

I don’t have a test kit, are they available for purchase at the class?

Yes, test kits are available for purchase at the class.  Additional accessories are also available as well.

Do you get any CEU’s for taking this class?

Yes, after completing the course you will receive 15 hours of CEU’s

Are there any test?

Yes, there is a written exam, and a practical exam in the wet lab.  The written exam portion must have a passing ratio of 70%.

When does the class begin?

Every class starts on Tuesday and goes through Friday.  Class begins at 8:00 am every morning and dismissed approximately 4:30 pm.

When does my certification expire?

Backflow certifications are valid for a period of three years.  After your initial certification, you will need to visit a recertification center nearest to you.

The Class is four days, are meals provided?

No, meals are not provided in the cost of the course.  You are on your own for lunch.

What is the format of the class?

The first day there is a lot of classroom information.  For the remainder of the course is a combination of wet lab exercises and classroom.